Mindful drawing CHILLshop: THIS weekend Sunday January 8th 10am to 12pm.

We are going to explore this prompt from 64 Million Artists for the January Challenge!

“Hi. I’m Emma. I’m a blind wheelchair wheelchair user, and now happy to call myself an artist and poet. When I lost almost all my eyesight 8 years ago I had to get used to a new way of living, one of the things I decided to try was art.

I know that sounds like the most crazy idea, but I slowly made my way to painting and digital digital art.

Technology gives me huge magnification which helps me see the world and create art; but my lack of sight itself is my biggest creative gift – it removes my ability to doubt myself.

That removal of doubt is the focus of my challenge to you:

Find a piece of paper, the larger the better; and a pen, pencil or anything that will make a mark. Hold the pencil and put it somewhere on the paper. Now close your eyes. Draw without thinking about what you’re drawing.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired by something you hear, or by your own thoughts, or by the texture of the paper. When you feel ready put down your pencil and open your eyes. Try not to judge your art. Just look at it as you would a young child’s drawing – What can you see? How do you feel? What story does it tell?”


The aim of CHILLshops is to:
* relax
* make marks
* be in the moment
* play with shapes and colours
* feel good
* be with others

All welcome regardless of your art making abilities, including children and pets. I will guide you through a few activities then we’ll have time to continue free drawing together.

I’ll provide materials but you can BYO to share too if you like. CHILLshops are free with donations of $15 and/or art materials gratefully accepted.

At: Nauti Studios Blue Mountains
201 Great Western Highway

This will be geared to in-person presentation but if you are interested in joining online you can do at: https://zoom.us/j/301357735 (password: draw)

Cheers, I look forward to creating with you there!

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