✨✨✨ Welcome to ‘Creative Conversations’ ✨✨✨

My name is Michelle Genders. I’m a psychologist & artist specialising in creativity, art therapy, contemplation, life transitions and sensory processing sensitivity.

✨ Creativity and creative practice for wellbeing

✨ Supporting artists and other creatives

✨ Supporting people with the trait of sensory processing sensitivity (aka highly sensitive person HSP or high sensory intelligence HSI)

✨ Supporting life transitions

✨ Supporting meditators and other contemplatives

✨ Motivational interviewing and/or solution focused approaches

✨ Art therapy and other experiential therapy techniques

Let’s connect by:

Sending an email to ‘michelle@creative-conversations.org’

Signing up to my mailing list here

Following me on Instagram or Facebook

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Find out more about me here

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